Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ryan Reviews: Hanamaru Kindergarten Ep 9

Zvarri! Luke Atmey/Phoenix Wright reference.

Zvarri! It’s time for the next review! The creator(?) of the famous panda-cat hybrid comic is having trouble coming up with new ideas and problems with his love life until he runs into the kids of Hanamaru Kindergarten. Then the kids draw portraits of what they want to be when they grow up, causing some interesting conversations to spawn.

Anzu just can't contain her love.

Hiiragi as Shirotsugh Lhadatt from The Wings of Honneamise.

The kids help out another person in this episode, this time a man named Hanamaru who happens to be involved in some manner with the popular Panda-Cat comic. When Hanamaru goes to a nearby park he runs in to Anzu and friends, and it’s just more of the same cute shenanigans that have been prevalent in the show up to this point. There is something about the sincerity of children that make it a lot more believable that these kids would care more about the plight of a stranger than any other person. The best thing about the show are the three main little girls, who have the similar traits of the innocence of kindergartners but are all still unique. The differences between Anzu, Hiiragi, and Koume have play off of each other and create interesting dialogue with the things and people they interact with. This is best evident in this episode when they show Tsuchida what dreams and hopes they have for the future.

Another notable factor is that this episode pulls out some of the niftiest references to date in the show. Namely, Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations, Luke Atmey Reference (See Hiiragi in the first picture) and The Wings of Honneamise, the spacesuit worn by protagonist Shirotsugh Lhadatt can be seen sported in the active imagination of Hiiragi (See third picture)

Hanamaru Kindergarten is getting close to its end. There are less things to say about the show as it goes on, but it still remains one of the better things to come out in the Winter Lineup. Until next time. Here's episode 9 on crunchyroll.

Koume realizes that she's got "too many" dreams for the future.

Tsuchida actually makes effort to get close to his crush, Yamamoto. I'm proud of a wierd way.

The panda-cat dance.

Anzu is delighted to find another person who has a mad crush on another person like herself.

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