Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ryan Reviews: Hanamaru Kindergarten Ep 8

You've caught our attention.

Welcome to the next review! In this episode, Anzu and friends help a classmate named Aoi out by aiding her and family in the their home business. Next, Tsuchida finds a young girl named Hinagiku and helps her home. She falls in love with him and she transfers to Hanamaru Kindergarten in order to marry him. I have a bit more to say than usual.

Quite possibly the next best strategy in the fish selling market, using kids to sell product is genius.

One guy is wearing a suit, and the other appears to bearing a tropical button down shirt?

The show shifts back to the children again as they try to worm their way into the world of adults. It’s easy to understand where the kids in the show are coming from. They see themselves just as capable as the adults around them, and work hard to prove it. The new girl introduced in the first half, Aoi, wants really bad to work with her father. She has a sincere desire to simply be with her dad and also prove herself to him. The other girls try to convince her father to let her work with him, and try to sell fish. These moments make for a show that feels light-hearted and touching to a certain extent. It is not to the point where it is very emotional, but it is an innocent romp as the girls decide to assist a friend in their friend's life.

The second half spends most of its time acquainting the cast with Anzu’s new rival for love, Hinagiku. It is clear that just like Anzu, Hinagiku has no strong reasons to actually be in love with Tsuchida. The audience should accept it with not much thought, since she is a child with a strange concept of love. The innocent love and warm feelings presented are at a level just right to hit fans looking for loads of cute content, and still offers something that feels like an average story. Tsuchida doesn’t seem to mind that he has yet another little girl thinking she can marry him. He handles his scenario in a mature manner, at least opposed to either overreacting or being a jerk to the little girls. The positive aspects of him come through again in this episode.

Episode 8 makes a complete recovery for the show after episode 7’s boring trek to back story. Hanamaru Kindergarten is proof that some shows and characters don’t need some kind of deep past to make for an interesting watch. At least in the cases of this show, it would actually drag something as simple as this down. That is all for now. Episode 8 is on crunchyroll.

A dad/daughter moment. D'awwww.

...and so fish is good for you!

The meeting with Hinagiku.

The class gets to talk about what they did over summer break.

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