Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ryan Reviews: Hanamaru Kindergarten Ep 10

Through the fire and the flames...

In this episode of Hanamaru Kindergarten, the athletic festival is coming up and Koume seeks training from her teachers so she can make herself and her brother proud. In the next half, Tsuchida drinks some liquid courage and confesses his feelings for Yamamoto.

Poor Koume, she doesn't have the strength to go on.

If Yamamoto can't understand words sober, how do you expect talking to work while she's drunk?

The young Koume faces an obstacle in this episode, and while we watch her undertake the challenge, it is not only charming but a tad bit inspiring. For a young girl, Koume possess a lot of spirit and when her friends rally around her to cheer her on or defend her, it feels like they have a true bond of friendship. It is not a hard tear-jerker, but the moments of friendship fit right in with the “warm” feelings that Hanamaru Kindergarten has had up to this point. The humor in this episode have even stepped up. The show begins to make use of the characters and the scenarios they have placed them in rather than relying on tired old gimmicks all the time.

There is little else to say now. Hanamaru Kindergarten is still a fuzzy feel-good show that has little (left) in it to criticize. You can watch this episode on crunchyroll. I’m done for now, until next time folks.

Hinagikus dad isn't pleased that everyone else isn't cheering for his daughter.

They can't believe their ears when they learn Tsuchida confessed to Yamamoto.

As cool as those shades are, it would probably benefit him more to wear his regular glasses.

Tsuchida recieves pity from Anzu and Hinagiku.

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