Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ryan Reviews: Hanamaru Kindergarten Ep 7

A frog holds many mysteries...I think.

My apologies for falling behind. A personal matter came up and I got swept away in my personal business. This episode marks the beginning of the summer break, and Tsuchida heads home with the usual cast of characters. There Tsuchida and Sakura reminisce and Satsuki tries to impress her brother through her cooking, which he fails to identify her as the cook causing her to get angry.

Anzu convinces Yamomoto to come with them to Tsuchidas place, somehow.

Yes, that is a lot of sunflowers.

This episode focuses less on the children and more of the adult characters; Namely, Tsuchida, Satsuki, and Sakura. Unfortunately, they are still the most boring of the cast. The chemistry between them is flat, making for some dull interactions. The first example that comes to mind is the relationship between Tsuchida and his sister, Satsuki. She is given a popular moe catchphrase “onii-chan no baka!” and a strange strong desire to be the center of Tsuchida’s attention. In addition, the relationship between Tsuchida and the other characters make no progress either. Sakura tells a story about the past in the first half of the show, but it doesn’t explain anything or imply anything beyond that Tsuchida might have had feelings for her in the past. It felt like the whole episode was just a rehash of things that have been done in other anime, and the events which transpired ultimately made no impact on the characters themselves. It is not an entire failure, it just lacks that which made the episodes prior to this one interesting.

It’s clear that the adult characters are not the shows strong point. When the children are not made the center of attention in an episode, the show is at less than its best. Hopefully the next few episodes will either shift it back to the kids or fix the current issues with the show. The next review will come when I get the chance. Episode 7 is on crunchyroll.

Young Satsuki is more moe than Anzu, Hiiragi, and Koume combined.

Tsuchida is the master of all things not casual.

Dude, everyone can see those hearts flying around you. You should get that checked out.

Ah, the curiosity of a child.

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