Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ryan Reviews: Hanamaru Kindergarten Ep 6

Anzu is very protective of Tsuchida.

In this episode, it’s summertime and the pool opens up at Hanamaru Kindergarten. Anzu and the gang go swimming and try to help Anzu win the attention of Tsuchida. The next half, Tsuchida's sister stops in to see how he is managing.

Damn you Tsuchida, stop being a pervert!

He's not very good at being inconspicuous.

This is another welcome episode in Hanamaru Kindergarten's line up. Satsuki, who is Tsuchidas little sister, makes an appearance in this episode and it seems that she perhaps will be a recurring character. She isn’t very interesting and falls into a tsundere personality archetype. If her emotions were not as transparent as they are, she would be a less annoying character. On the bright side, Tsuchida makes more progress as he proves he can be a competent worker who actually cares about his job. He blends in his love of video games and when he connects with the children at the school both he and the kids have a great time. Tsuchida has an understanding and compassion for the children which grant him a more human personality rather than just a flat-otaku who can’t stop staring at busty women. As for the rest of the cast, they stay pretty much the same. The comedy comes from the chemistry between the characters which is certainly going strong and lasting.

This episode didn’t best the previous episodes but that is okay. Hanamaru Kindergarten is still a fun light show that many should enjoy. Keep watching it on crunchyroll. There are still some adventures to come so until next time, I’m outta here. Laters.

Hii-Shark has been subdued by the puzzeled Tsuchida.

Hey hey hey! You're going to watch the show right?

Anger level is over 9000. That's right, I went there.

When you look at this, you kind of wonder what the growth spurt for the kids is like.

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