Monday, February 23, 2009

Ryan Reviews: Clannad ~After Story~ Ep 18


Sorry for the lateness of this review folks! I got distracted by some other things and only just got around to watching this episode. As always I suggest you be up to date with all the episodes excluding this one prior to reading my reviews. How else would I talk about the events?

Tomoya and Ushio go out on the vacation together. Things are still rather iffy since Tomoya hasn’t spent too much time alone with Ushio yet. On their trip, Tomoya meets a person from his past who tells him an important story. A first thing to note in this episode is KyoAni’s choice of colors and lightings. Once again I praise them for they know how to make a setting look so real and beautiful. It’s one of the reasons I’m so attracted to this show. The colors always look nice but in this particular episode, with them traveling around a bit, we get some fresh new backdrops. The relationship between Ushio and Tomoya feels spot on (still). Tomoya treats her as a kid he’s supposed to care about, but not really in the father sense. Hopefully that itself makes sense.

Ushio is still also very adorable. It’s not like they chalk up with a whole bunch of moe personas but they capture the adorable and innocent essence of a 5 year old. (possible spoiler:) As for story I didn’t think this realization was going to come to Tomoya so quickly but I’m pleased with the way it happened and that it did come. I don’t know where we’re going from here but you can bet I’ll be watching!








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