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Akikan! Episodes 1-6 (half-series) review

vlcsnap-15055959 When I first read the plot synopsis of Akikan I planned to watch it as a joke with Ryan. I’ll give you a similar version of the synopsis, but written by me. Akikan is about a perverted boy named Kakeru whom spends his time flirting with vending machines and collecting empty soda cans. One day, he purchases a can from a vending machine and when he drinks it, it turns into a girl, or rather,an “Akikan”. Akikan are soda cans which can turn into girls when they touch the lips of someone. They also have special powers related to their flavor. Kakeru’s Akikan, named melon, can form melons out of thin air and throw them as explosives. Interesting, is it not? It gets better. The government is making the Akikan girls fight each other because some are aluminum and some are steel. The government wants to have them fight in order to determine which metal is better. As far as I know, the government consists of a homosexual man whom tries to rape Kakeru often, and his female secretary. Best. Plot. Ever.

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The best aspect of Akikan is that the plot actually works. The plot sounds stupid, but it is actually gripping and the story hooks you by the first episode. After I watched the first episode of Akikan, I knew I was going to watch the show in its entirety for sure. In fact, I watched the first episode 3 times with 3 different people (one of the times it was just me alone). So far the plot has gotten more complex, because of elements that every single synopsis I have read (including my own) has neglected to bring to light. Kakeru’s school life plays a role in this and for some reason every synopsis doesn’t tell you that. Kakeru happens to have many interesting school mates including a girl who wants to have sex with him more than anything, a lesbian who has magical powers and hates men, some dude that no one cares about and is constantly being used, and a slew of angry classmates that hate Kakeru for being a pervert. The story of course, is not without merit and actually handles dramatic scenes and emotions well using the fact that we, as humans, can not understand how Akikans feel. In the last two episodes released (5 and 6) the plot has actually taken a more serious note, but since this is clearly a comedy, keeps the comedic elements close at hand.

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The other main reason I love Akikian thus far is the fact that it is one of the first anime series I have seen that is genuinely funny. I actually laugh out loud frequently due to the splendid humor. While the humor is mostly crude and involving sexual scenarios, it is something that most anime fans that I know can appreciate. If you are curious whether the humor will be to your liking, I suggest that you check out the first episode, if you can dig it, you should definitely watch it to the end since it is only 12 episodes.

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The only major flaw to the series is the animation. The animation is very similar to Pokémon. For those of you who don't know what I am saying, I am saying it is bad. I can say, however, that the animation does not make me not want to watch it. The crappy animation actually makes the show feel more likable. I know a lot of people will not agree with me, but the bad animation in a sense, contributes to the whole idea that this is a comedy made to make you laugh. It was not given a high budget because it doesn’t need it. While it may be an awful excuse, if anyone tells me that Akikan has horrible animation I will simply reply “hey, its Akikan”. I feel that it is a perfect response. The people making it know (I think) the show is supposed to be just for fun. That is the kind of show I want to watch.

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I advise everyone to check out Akikan. I am fairly certain that most people would, indeed, enjoy it greatly as I have. The characters are hilarious and fit together perfectly in a zany plot that every anime fan can enjoy. I look forward to more in the future.

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