Tuesday, February 24, 2009

White Album Episode 1-6 Review.


Yeah, I watched all 6 episodes in the same day pretty much back to back. I just decided I should watch it. No real reason other than that it is popular to talk about. But yeah, it is about a young adult named Toya who is dating a new rising idol. The story is as simple as that. The complications of dating the idol include another school girl who is available and seems to like you but your best friend who is a pussy likes her, a random girl that forces you to walk with her likes you for no reason whatsoever, another Idol seems to maybe kinda like you and has hidden motives, and your girlfriend’s manager is a bitch. There is also a little girl who appears in an episode and then reappeared. She seems to have no purpose other than to be annoying so far. Now that you know what White Album is about, lets get to the reviewing.


When I first started watching the show it was boring as piss for the most part. it starts out pretty plain with uninteresting characters and a straightforward plot. It does, however get better. As you get deeper into the plot, the male lead actually starts to show real emotions, and you can actually relate to him. In addition, the love triangle pentagon gets more interesting as the plot develops. The main problem with the plot is predictability. I could have guess everything that has happened thus far just from reading the synopsis. Thankfully, the execution of plot is rather well done, and you should be compelled to watch more as I was.

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The main flaw with the show is that it is redundant. Every episode has over the phone love conversations, some random event, and characters doing the same routine. There have been little actual problems with the exception of the obvious “normal people can’t date idols” bit. If i was actually expecting to like the show I would have been a bit turned off. Of course, I may be exaggerating a bit. New things are presented in every episode but they are, for the most part easily resolved.

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The other thing that pissed me off was the lack of interesting characters. So far most of the supporting girls are completely uninteresting. The girl that randomly makes him go on walks is fucking stupid and seems to serve no purpose to the show so far. The other supporting girl at school is just some book worm that gets pushed around. I admit, the non-spoken-for idol is mildly entertaining, but so far she has not done anything to really make me like her character. Toya’s best friend is your common pussy best friend who is morally correct and whines. He reminds me of Suzaku from Code Geass. The other random high-up in the cooperate latter dudes seem to be way more interesting than any of the girls in the show since they are shrouded in mystery and are not annoying.

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The show is, of course, not without merit. The whole romance deal is not really my thing, but the short bits of humor mixed in and then small mysteries given are enough to keep me entertained. I feel like I can relate to Toya. Toya is definitely the most fleshed out character and the most entertaining one to watch. Thank god he is the main focus, and not the girl. The show will also catch the attention of fans of moe-esk things. While the show is not completely moe-tastic, there are definite signs of moe. It is done well enough, however that it does not bother me. The Anime also shines in terms of Animation. The animation is actually pretty damn decent. And so, the show is not a complete train wreck.


If you are a huge fan of romance, this show is for you. It has all of the necessary elements and is honestly well done. While the characters suck balls, the anime makes up for it with it’s cunning execution of plot. If you ever decide to check it out, make sure you get to at least episode 3 before you judge it. It is getting better as time progresses.

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