Monday, November 3, 2008

Rant: Seriously, why are there cows in my Barnes & Noble?


So one day I drove to my local Barnes & Noble because my order of The Notenki Memoirs: Studio Gainax And The Men Who Created Evangelion came in. Before I picked up the book, I decided to check the manga section. And low and behold there were a group of kids reading manga and taking up the aisle. Now, I don't mind that kids are actually going to bookstores after school. In fact I would encourage it. But why the hell are they sitting in the aisles? I'm trying to find Black Jack vol. 1 and Me and the Devil Blues vol. 1, and I have to walk over these assholes. This is the reason why I don’t normally come here. There’s always kids sitting around acting like they own the place. Are kids stupid or are they knowingly taking up space so that people like me have to walk over them? Is it a convenience thing? How many manga are they going to read? Get your book and sit on a goddamn couch. It makes perfect sense to sit away from the aisle. There would be less traffic. The kids would get a little more privacy, meaning they could concentrate better and converse more effectively. Taking up the aisle means I can get my books quicker and avoid interactions between them. It also allows me to avoid thinking about punching them in the face or breaking their legs.

I’m not coming back to Barnes & Noble. Borders is better. Not a lot of people know Borders as much as Barnes & Noble. The manga section is bigger, and there’s barely any kids. And if there are kids, they know they could sit on the couches right next to the aisle.

So in conclusion, this rant was not necessary. In fact, I don’t even know about whether or not to post it. Ahhh, what the hell. Why not.


Potatochobit said...

people read books in a book store.
or do you go to bookstores to drink coffee?

Nam said...

People read posts and comment something that matters.
or do you pretend to read posts and give give me spam?

Anonymous said...

Actually, people go to bookstores to buy books. Sitting in the isles is rather counter-productive for business, as clogging up the aisles makes things uncomfortable for buyers and prevents them from getting to want they want with ease. It seems to me the more acceptable place to go to read books is a library, but then again, sitting in the aisle is still bad because it's just rude.

How about reading the books at home...or something.

Ging said...

I agree with the anonymous man.

Barnes & Noble should have a sign that says "reading is stealing"

Hazel said...

Arg, this would really annoy me! I'd go to look at some books on shelves above their heads and some might accidentally fall on them...*evil grin*