Sunday, November 2, 2008

Ging’s Short Serious Business Review #5: Combattler V

Ging’s Short Serious Business Review #5


First Impressions: Hell yeah! A classic monster of the week mecha show! This show feels like what any old mecha show for a younger audience should: Fun.

Character: The main characters were basically 5 teens that each embodied one of the classic stereotypes for shows geared towards younger kids. A jock, a fat guy who breaks up fights, a hot headed rebel, a nerd, and a random girl. (also similar to the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers) The main villian was also your generic "I want to take over earth" kinda guy. The character developement throughout this series wasnt as satisfying as one would hope for, but it is fine enough in my oppinion for the audience it is geared for. 6.5/10

Plot: The plot is extremely straightforward. 5 teens have joined together, each controlling a part of a giant robot to stop an evil demon prince's weekly monster. It is very simple and after 30 epsiodes of it it begins to get annoying. The occaisional story arch really doesnt do much either. Overall it was kinda weak, but it should also be expected. 5/10

Animation: I wont talk much about the animation too much because, it was made in the 70's. My knowledge of 70's animation is lacking. In my oppinion though, I thought it was fine. 7/10

Sound: The sound follows a classic tradition of playing the same theme song every time there is a battle. Other than that the sound was fine. Nothing too spectacular though. Before you watch it be prepared to have the theme song burned into your brain. 6/10

Enjoyment: Combattler V is a very enjoyable anime if you watch only one or two episodes at once, and don't try to watch 20 episodes a day. Your enjoyment will also very depending on what you want to see, if you want to see a very deep and emotional story, you probably should look elsewhere. If you are looking for a fun monster of the week show then Combattler V is right for you. 7/10

Overall: The anime is extremely different from the anime that has come out in the last ten years, but that shouldn't stop anyone from not liking this show. I would recommend this to someone who, like I said before, is looking for a fun monster of the week show that doesn't require much concentration. I think that any mecha fan should surely check out this classic title. Over All Grade: 6.4/10

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