Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ging’s Short Serious Business Review #4: Code Geass (season one)

Ging’s Short Serious Business Review #4


First Impressions: At first I thought that it was a solid anime, no real things to be picky about in the first couple episodes. (although CLAMP was a downside for me) With it's early popularity and quick subgroups, at the time it was a very promising anime.

Character: The characters over all seemed like they were fleshed out enough, but certain characters seemed kinda two dimensional and plain. In most cases the minor characters are extremely boring. However, the lack of explanation of some character's pasts (C.C.) do cling on to the show watching for more. (or maybe it was just me) 7/10

Plot: As I have heard 1000 people say the plot is like "a combo of death note and gundam" I am going to agree with this. It is not really a bad comparison, many key points to the plot as well as characters can be justly compared to death note characters with a twist of mecha to sweeten the deal. The plot was actually pretty good with some "what the fuck?!" moments. 8.5/10

Animation: The animation was pretty just a hair above much your average new "stylish" animation. I am not a huge fan, but it gets the job done. 7/10

Sound: Not much to talk about here, it was sound, I think it was well placed, and well made. Twas Solid. 8/10

Enjoyment: The constant cliff hangers and plot twists combined with good mecha fight scenes and interesting dialogue makes this an extremely enjoyable season of anime. The pizza hut endorsements are fun too. 9/10

Overall: I really enjoyed this season of the anime, and it certainly is one of the better newer anime out there. Despite me liking this anime I can't recommend this anime with a clear conscious because it leaves a lot for the 2nd season to do, and the 2nd season is not that good. 8/10


ManyasOne said...

The 2nd season is not that bad either, but I guess it's impossible to fight against...insert whatever you think I would put nevermind.

Okay review though.

Ging said...

Well, our Code Geass R2 podcast review is currently being edited, and will be up soon so you can hear all of our thoughts on the second season. Thanks for the feedback.