Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Podcast: Episode #9 - New Fist of the North Star/Shin Hokuto no Ken

This time in Anime Pulp: Badass Anime. That's right folks. We're doing New Fist of the North Star, a 3-part OVA based on the original television series Fist of the North Star. In a post-apocalyptic Earth, mankind is under constant oppression by tyrants who use the fact that they're three times the size of normal human beings and ride motorcycles. The star of the story is Kenshiro, a powerful man with a unique fighting style known as Hokuto Shinken. By controlling the area's water supply, a man named Sanga enslaves the villagers nearby in order to create his own fortified kingdom called Last Land. Now it is up to Kenshiro to save the heroes of the village and defeat the evil tyranny.

We talk quite a bit before the review this time around. A woman in New York researching hentai wants your thoughts. Street Fighter IV gets its own anime. Nam reflects on the Answermans' thoughts on anime today.

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Time stamps:
(00:00-01:19) Intro music and introductions
(01:20-31:54) What we've been watching
(31:55-50:06) What's new
(50:07-63:57) Spoiler-free review
(63:58-72:21) Spoiler-filled review
(72:22-75:53) Final thoughts and rating

Opening song: Kuusou Runba by Kenji Otsuki and Zetsubou Shoujo-tachi
Transition: Lu:Na by Gackt
Ending Song: After, in the Dark - Torch Song by Mai Yamane


Doc N said...

Why is the forum closed?

Anonymous said...

We didn't feel like putting up with it's maintenance and it was kinda dead anyway so we closed it down for now. We might open it up again later in the future. :P