Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Podcast: Episode #8 - Castle in the Sky

This time we go in the total opposite direction of Strike Witches and review the Miyazaki classic: Castle in the Sky. The story begins with a young girl named Sheeta who falls from the sky into the arms of a boy named Pazu. Her pendent holds a mysterious power that is connected to a lost floating city. The two ends up searching for the castle in the sky Laputa, while being chased by pirates and the army.

Before the review, we discuss the Hellsing manga ending. We talk about the rumor regarding ADV films licensing Clannad. We also discuss Nam's recent purchase of New Fist of the North Star/Neo Tokyo Double Pack at Best Buy for only $13.

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Opening song: Kuusou Runba by Kenji Otsuki and Zetsubou Shoujo-tachi
Transition: Sora kara Futtekita Shoujo (The Girl Who Fell From the Sky) by Joe Hisaishi
Ending Song: Who Put the Bomp by Me first and the Gimme Gimmes

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