Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ryan Reviews: Clannad ~After Story~ Ep 16


Hi again. It’s time for another review of ~After Story~. First off, because this episode is a very important point in the series, I will be spoiling events of everything up to this point. It is most likely in your best interest to ignore this if you haven’t seen episode 15 yet.

In this episode, Nagisa is further into her pregnancy and the season is changing. Old friends stop by for a chat so they can catch up on each others life. Talks of the theory regarding the “other world” come up in conversation and something inside Tomoya clicks. At this point, I think I’m beginning to see the contrast between the illusionary world and the real one. It’s great because if at first you don’t know what’s going on it seems like a story happening in the background, and then later you realize that it coincides with the main story. I like seeing that kind of thing. Now what actually happens in this episode is something I think we all predicted. I know I said that before and it being predicted isn’t bad either.

Yes I knew what was going to happen yet the way it was executed caused me to keep second-guessing my thoughts. As the event drew nearer I became more unsure if what I thought was going to happen would actually happen. I gotta say it again, brilliant execution on Clannad’s part. It was able to move me, touch me, and throw me off until the very end. I have only a vague Idea of where we will be heading from here but you can be sure I’ll be watching it!









Jason said...

Let's just say so far I'm kind of ticked. Better execution than the movie, but it's pretty much following those footsteps. And I didn't want it to. Some of the items up to Episode 16 were executed very good or weren't added into the movie, but all in all, the same thing has happened. And it's rather pissing me off. >.<

It'll be interesting to see what's going to happen.

Anonymous said...

But isn't that same idea from the game? I suppose the Key formula seen in Kanon will still be respected in any case.

Even if the execution isn't perfect, at least the result should be alright.

Jason said...

The anime was based off of the game/manga. The movie is pretty much a remake of these two series. But it still makes me angry. >.<