Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ryan Reviews: Clannad ~After Story ~ Ep 14


Finally got around to watching episode 14 of ~After Story~. A great kick into the new arc. A quick notice to you, I’m going to assume at this point you have knowledge of every episode up to this one. So if you haven’t seen episode 13 yet, you might want to skip this until you have. Seriously, what’s wrong with you? Get your ass in gear!

Tomoya and Nagisa, finally all grown up and…MARRIED! Yes, the episode starts with them just beginning to live together. Nagisa decides she wants a job because she doesn’t want to be a weak person anymore, and doesn’t want to burden Tomoya. This episode shows well that Tomoya and Nagisa are experiencing feelings of awkwardness living alone. I really like how pure the relationship between Tomoya and Nagisa is. Both care for each other deeply, and in this episode it shows even more. Comedy is kept in check when Akio and Tomoya decide to go check out where Nagisa works. With the cliff-hanger at the end of this episode,I’m at the edge of my seat. I didn’t expect it to happen so quickly, but damn was I shocked. With that said, I’m looking forward to more ~After Story~. That’s all for now.









Jason said...

I LOVE this episode. Especially at the end of it. I really thought Akio was going to kill Tomoya. XD

Anonymous said...

Yeah me too XD

gordon said...

this episode got me pondering. how many people actually gets married right after high school? my impression is that most younger generation marry late or not at all.

anyway very interesting episode nevertheless. funny and touching at the same time.

Ging said...

I actually know a number of people who get married out of highschool. xD

Jason said...

Most get married out of high school. Then again, Tomoya has been out of HS for a while now.