Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ga-Rei Zero – Ging’s Large Short Serious Review #10


Synopsis: Basically, I think telling you the story would be a tremendous spoiler, since the story doesn't come in until later on in the show. Instead I will give you a glimpse about what the story is. There are people who fight super natural creatures that threat humanity. The story is about a group of those people who kill these supernatural creatures. It follows the path of two specific characters, Yomi and Kagura, and the trials they have to take in their life. As I said before there is A LOT more to the plot, however with this particular anime I think that I would ruin the first episode of the show for someone who has not seen the show, or at least the first couple episodes.

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Story: The story is done well in my opinion. The foreshadowing of events and the way the overall plot is executed is probably the best thing about the anime. There were not too many parts (like maybe one or two) that should have been left out. Everything that was needed seemed to have been in the plot. One complaint I do have, however, is that there is one loophole in the overall story that bothers me. I am hoping this is elaborated on in a second season. The loophole doesn’t really get in the way of the story though, one could justify it by saying it makes you think. Whether that is a good enough argument is up to you. 8/10

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Characters: While main characters were given good development and compelling stories, the same is not true for the supporting characters. The main characters, Yomi and Kagura, are school girls who skip school occasionally to fight supernatural monsters. they have well-done development and are entertaining to watch. A lot of the other paranormal vanquishers are very interesting but are not focused on enough for you to have a good connection with them. The majority of the main protagonist team is just defined by one or two characteristics and have little development. I can understand focusing on the main characters more than the supporting characters (duh) but when more than half the characters feel like they didn't get enough time to develop it hurts the show. 6/10

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Music & Sound: Overall, the music was not really amazing, but it is certainly passable. It is exactly what I expect from an anime because I do not hold music as one of the most important factors when watching (shows based on music are an exception). Does the music fit the tone and mood of what is happening? Yes. 7/10

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Animation: The animation is your average 2008 animation. Nothing special about it. One thing I should mention is that in the first episodes there is this really lame CG animated fire lava beast thing that makes me giggle a bit inside. Later on there are no more CG animated lava beasts. Had there been more I would have been turned off from the show a bit. 6.5/10

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All in all, I enjoyed Ga-Rei Zero. Not necessarily because of quality but because it is just a nice show to watch. I can see people liking the show, but I can also understand people hating it. Personally, the plot was able to reach me which makes it lean towards the better side of the scale. I would recommend it to fans of action and drama, although some may not like it. The show seems like it could be a hit or a miss with a lot of people. If you are a hardcore anime fan, you might want to check this out as it is a way better choice than a lot of the other shows of 2008. Overall Rating: 7/10

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