Monday, November 10, 2008

Ryan Reviews: Clannad ~After Story~ Ep 6

Clannad ~After Story~
Episode 6 : A bittersweet romance

Picking right up from where episode 5 drops off, Shima is still hanging out with Misae and becoming closer and closer with her. Certain things are revealed, and the story comes full circle into a touching romance told and executed brilliantly just like you would expect from Clannad. The strangeness of it all adds the touch of fairytale-like elements to the story while not going so far outstretched as to make the events completely ridiculous. The music always manages to add that extra effect to the scenes when needed, despite the fact we've heard the tunes multiple times before. Needless to say I welled up with tears and cried a little. On a extra note, unnecessary cross-dressing in this episode. Anyway...I look forward to more Clannad.


AstroNerdBoy said...

The cross-dressing scene didn't bother me since I've seen this kind of thing happen in other anime titles. It amused me but it is not a laugher for me though.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I've seen it before as well. It didn't bother me that much either, I just wondered why the girls couldn't just have slapped a boys uniform on him.