Sunday, November 9, 2008

Ging’s Short Serious Business Review #6: GUNGRAVE

First Impressions: At first my assumption (and the assumption many people had when first watching it) was that it would be a hardcore-over-the-top action show with little dialogue. This is because the first episode gives you just that. Another reason why I thought this is because I played the video game before I watched the anime (which is adapted from the game) and the game is non-stop insane action where pressing the x button once makes you shoot about 10 bullets in multiple directions.

Plot: The plot isn't as simple as the first episode would want you to believe. The story is about a man named Brandon Heat who joins the mafia with his friend Harry MacDowel to protect his friends and attain the freedom to do as they desire. As one would expect, they run into quite a few problems. The plot from there is a roller coaster of intense emotions and choices which will keep most people glued to the beautiful story. The story is a very powerful tale of mafias, greed, friendships and betrayals. Unfortunately, this is somewhat hurt by the weaker plot that happens in the falling action. Of course, that the falling action wasn't horrible and by no means does it make the plot bad. 8/10

Characters: The characters are all wonderfully done. Their development throughout the story was executed incredibly well. All of the main characters were interesting and drew you deeper into the story, while most of the supporting characters had equally interesting characteristics that draws the watcher in. 9/10

Animation: The animation was certainly one of the anime's strong points. The animation was in most cases overly average. There were also parts around episodes 19 and 20 where the animation quality seemed to drop. I think this was due to a short budget for this anime. 6.8/10

Sound: The theme song and ending theme are both excellent songs that fit the show. Most of the background music during the show was somewhat bad. Some of it didn't fit and some of the music was just used too much. this is somewhat confusing to me because the video games both had pretty damn good soundtracks that fit. One would think they could follow the examples given from the games. 6/10

Enjoyment: GunGrave can be a very enjoyable show to many anime fans. It has great drama elements, but can still draw in action fans with its scenes of intence violence. Personally, I have seen this anime well over a dozen times (mostly due to obsession) and I have to say that it never gets old to me, the ending gets me every time. 10/10

Overall: The anime is in my eyes is a true work of art, despite its flaws. I think that many people that give it an honest shot will be able to look over its flaws and fall in love with the series. I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in anime in general. This is one of my top 3 favorite anime titles of all time, and if I was rating just on how I felt about it I would give it an 11 out of ten. Final Rating: 7.5/10

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