Friday, August 12, 2011

Anime Pulp and Fightbait collaboration: "Fightbait Anime Club"

Fightbait and I started doing something called “Fightbait Anime Club” awhile back. In Fightbait Anime Club, we place our audio track over the video of a bad anime as we provide running commentary for what’s going on screen. The purpose is to bring some interaction between the viewer and us, kind of like watching a bad show or movie with your friend. It could also just be a different way to experience the show we’re watching while listening to us make fun of it. As of this post, there are eight episodes out. A new one is put out every monday. (With the total backlist found here )

Anyway, podcast feed for audio alone can be found here. You can watch the video version here . Both are maintained by fightbait, but I’ll keep this site updated weekly every time we release a new episode. Not sure if blogger allows it, but I’ll guess I’ll try embedding it on the site too. Afterall, this is a thing the two of us do both of our sites need to promote it!

p.s. if you’re interested in anything else fightbait has done, you can find his site in the blogroll or here!

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