Monday, January 25, 2010

Ryan Reviews: Hanamaru Kindergarten Ep 2

Hey look! A NERD!

Alright. It’s episode 2 go time. This single episode is broken into two stories in which one has nothing to do with the other. This tactic a typical move in slice-of-life shows. The first part is about the first real day of school, I guess, and the second part is about Hiiragi and newcomer Kenji, who is apparently jealous of Hiiragi’s smarts.

She is a monster, I'm sure of it.

And if she was a zombie, she'd have easy access to brains

To be Frank, there’s nothing really going on. I’m not surprised. Watching this show is more like watching little animals which resemble the human form run around and go “wai!” and shit like that. That’s fine. When you first see this show you don’t come to it expecting anything else. I was just hoping it would actually have more gags and other things like characters getting themselves into crazy situations and finding unusual ways to get out of them. The only kind of jokes we get are few and things we’ve seen and heard before. If the show could just explore the idea of the kindergartners learning more about the world around them (and experimenting with it) this show could go more places. They did show us a little something about one of the characters, and that’s the redeeming trait of this episode.

Even though the show pushed a little in this episode, the first half was completely wasted with nothing moving in any direction. I might be expecting too much though. We’re only on the second episode of a cutesy slice of life series. In this respect the show delivers plenty of moments for the characters to look and act cute. If that’s what you came for you’ll be satisfied but you still might wish for a bit more like I do. I’ll sit and watch patiently, but this show isn’t really growing to be anything I’d recommend. For now, I’ll save my breath until next time. If you’re interested in watching, check crunchyroll.

Now say "nyan" and our hearts will explode.

This is normal.

These kids get to wander around at night without parental supervision. Crazy

Don't be a pussy, Koume.


Topspin said...

I have to say that the ED, "Space Hanamaru Kindergarten" was the best part of this episode for me.. I'd go so far as to say it was epic :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I guess I'd say that it was my favorite part too. It was just straight out of left field.

Ging said...

What does 'straight out of left field' mean? that it is was unsuspected?