Friday, March 13, 2009

Episode #28 – Aquarian Age

28 - Aquarian Age

Originally recorded February 28, 2009.

This show is about nothing. That’s right. Nothing. They got 5 factions fighting in a war, a war so long that they forgot why they’re even fighting. They got magical girls, shrine maidens, furries, girls in plug suits/Megaman suits, and wizards that don’t do anything productive. What’s even more great is that the main character, Kyota, is in a rock band. You would think, “Cool. Pop music + war = good.” Wrong sucka. You just got played. Things happen, but you don’t exactly know what is happening. And all of these factions compromise of girls, and they all seem to like the dude for no particular reason. You know what, he could’ve probably been played by a stump and the acting would’ve been better. He probably would be a better singer and harmonica player as well. You know, I’m just ranting. This is stupid. Just listen to the podcast.

What’s New this Week
Ryan: Bandai Entertainment licenses Lucky Star OVA
Ging: Spring 2009 anime season
Nam: Eva Clock and Picture Stamp iPhone app


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Opening song: Kuusou Runba by Kenji Otsuki and Zetsubou Shoujo-tachi
Transition: Everlasting Love"by SeYUN
Ending Song: Red Fraction (Florence/Exit Trance Remix) by Mell

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