Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Podcast: Episode #15 - The Wings of Honneamise

Episode #15 - The Wings of Honneamise  

Sorry for the long delay, but school finals were coming up and didn’t have enough time to finish editing. This podcast was originally recorded November 22, 2008. On this episode, we review Gainax’s first animated film, The Wings of Honneamise. The film is about Shitotsugh Lhadatt and his coming of age tale to be the first man in space.

What’s New this Week:
Ging: Funimation sends cease-and-desist letters to fansubbers (and personally making Ging cry at night)
Nam: Zack Bertschy tells how the end of the anime industry was like
Ryan: New episodes of Naruto Shippuuden will be stream legally


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Opening song: Kuusou Runba by Kenji Otsuki and Zetsubou Shoujo-tachi
Transition: Faith of the Heart by Ryuichi Sakamoto
Ending Song: Cruel Angel's Thesis (10th Anniversary Version) by Yoko Takahashi

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