Friday, September 5, 2008

Podcast: Bonus - Mechacon Con Report

Okay folks, since we couldn't release an episode last week we've decided to bring you a little bonus episode we kept in the back for a week or two. It was recorded only a couple of days after our first episode and audio quality is really bad. But if you can't hear the difference don't worry about it. !!Notice!! For our first-time listeners, check out our other episodes first...this one doesn't follow our usual style.

This particular "bonus" episode is about my and Nam's trip to Mechacon IV August 1st-3rd. Ging is not in this episode because he wasn't with us when we went to Mechacon. Listen to us talk about our convention experience and dealings with annoying children. We speak about meeting the dub cast of the Cowboy Bebop crew and our experiences at the amazing Ilaria Graziano concert! Plus, listen to me rip on the horrible cosplay contest. You'll learn all the reasons why you should stay away from those...forever. Yeah, just listen all right? We'll be back on top next week with a new review!

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Oh yeah, here come some piccies too. Taken from Nam's cameraphone since he didn't have a good camera with him at the time.

In order (from left to right) Mary Elizabeth Mcglynn, Beau Billingslea, and Steve Blum

Ilaria Graziano and Mary Elizabeth Mcglynn

A Spike and a (awesome) Jet cosplay at Mechacon

A Team Fortress cosplay. This ain't anime butttt...

Konata for the win!

Signatures of Ilaria Graziano and Mary Elizabeth Mcglynn on Nam's GiTS DVD

Signatures of some of the Cowboy Bebop dub cast in Nam's Cowboy Bebop artbook.

Extra Notes:
Opening song: Machinae Supremacy - Return to Snake Mountain
Ending Song: Ending: Ilaria Graziano - from the roof top ~ somewhere in the silence (sniper’s theme)

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