Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ging’s Short Serious Business Review #3: Saiyuki

Ging’s Short Serious Business Review #3


First Impressions: Promising story based on a classic japanese fairy tale. Seems like a great adventure story is in store, plus longer series = longer story.

Character: The character development is good, it doesn't disappoint, but it does feel somewhat hollow. The characters don't go through enough changes in my opinion, but they focus on their past a hell of a lot more, as there are flashbacks that are very entertaining, but unfortunately somewhat rare. 7/10

Plot: Very well constructed, very nice adventure story. Everything seemed to fit into place and insignificant events can become significant which is certainly a major plus in my book. My only problem is that it doesn't close, but this is forgiven for there is a second season. 8.5/10

Animation: It's fine, not bad enough to complain about it but not good enough for much note. 6/10

Sound: I enjoyed the classic-ish feel of the heroic sound build up during certain battles. Although there are some music that seems out of place. 7/10

Enjoyment: As a big action adventure anime fan, I enjoyed this anime a lot. It balanced my need for story and enjoyable fighting. 8.2/10
Overall:Well, it was indeed a great anime adventure title, despite it's flaws. I wouldn't actually recommend it because it leaves a lot up to the second season, which, unlike the first season is more leaning on the bad side. (Perhaps I'll write a review for it later.) But, as a single series it was good. 7/10

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